Sustainability Green

At JORI PAPA, we aim to produce unique silhouettes in the highest quality materials. We are committed to producing in a more sustainable way and being environmentally responsible, this includes minimum waste, minimum carbon emissions, zero hazardous chemicals. We are continuously working hard to accomplish our sustainability goals with the same optimism that has helped us grow.

Get Green Spark

JORI PAPA partnered with GetGreenSpark, a non-profit organisation that works towards a reforestation project in rural India. For every pair of shoes bought from our website, we plant five trees.

Green Spark


JORI PAPA is committed to improving waste management in the factory and e-commerce. We are already utilizing recycled wrapping tissue for our styles and are in the process of changing the shoebox to recycled material in the new year, with the confidence that our customers will appropriately discard this.

JP Packaging


JORI PAPA’s products stand out for their unique handmade look and touch. This is achieved by masterfully combining the use of advanced machinery with artisanal skills and expertise. Our products are made with the highest quality leather and last a long time. Sustainability for us means high-quality, long-lasting pieces.


Small Batch Production

JORI PAPA wants to avoid waste and over-production. That’s why we are committed to running a low stock on our products.



JORI PAPA’s production factory promotes socially responsible behaviour. The company’s dedication to this cause goes to the smallest detail, from the traceability of raw materials of animal origin up to the respect of the chemical requirements that are used on the production in force within the EEC.

leather production