At JORI PAPA, we aim producing creative silhouettes in the highest quality.  Based in London, we  want to be renowned for elegant creative silhouettes in beautiful colour combinations with a modern aesthetic. As founders we are committed and have started taking confident steps to create an eco-sustainable brand that embraces all phases of the product’s life: from design to realization, from conception to disposal. All styles are designed with the intention to be loved,   feel unique and  to live as long as possible in our wardrobes for many seasons ahead.

Upper in Apple Leather

Its Vegan, Durable, Waterproof and Eco-Friendly.

Apple leather is a bio-based material, meaning that it is partly biological: natural, organic. made using the leftover pomace and peel from the fruit juice and compote.

Originating from the region of Bolzano in northern Italy, apples remaining are pulverised into delicious juice, and made into jams. The left-overs are sent to a factory located in Florence where the apples turned to juice, are crushed, and then naturally dried into a fine powder. This powder is blended with a kind of resin that is, essentially, dried and laid flat into a final material — apple leather.

Environmental benefits:

It is a completely renewable resource. This reduces the CO2 impact significantly compared to faux leather made from 100% fossil fuels. What makes apple leather even more special is that the renewable resource is also from a natural waste stream. The special apple pomace produced in the industry is classified as a special waste and in most cases ends up in landfill or in some cases burned for fuel. By using waste, we create an opportunity for farmers to generate a second income from their waste, thereby protecting ecosystems and increasing sustainability.

Lining in Bamboo Leather

Bio-Based / Biodegradable / Organic / Vegan / Recyclable / Non-Toxic / Traceable

Bamboo plants are harvested and cut into chips to create a soft, natural pulp. The fibres are gently extracted and spun into Yarn. the yarn is woven into plant-based leather and treated with topcoat. Low Carbon Footprint

Packaging and shipping 

All our packaging is recycled, the box and the wrapping tissue. Mix packaging from responsible sources. FSC* certified  C121402



We aim producing creative silhouettes in the highest quality. We as founders are committed and have taken confident steps towards creating an eco – sustainable collection that embraces all phases of the product’s life: from conception, design, production to disposal. We produce our shoes in Italy in collaboration with manufacturers that work with sustainable methods and environmentally-friendly leathers. They have carried out extensive research on both material suppliers and methods of working, and leather certifications. With our Italian collaborators, we are creating shoes that are made with high quality materials united by eco-sustainable characteristics: recycled and recyclable, regenerated leather insoles, certified linings in biodegradable leather. Jori personally works closely with the manufacturer to coordinate the prototyping process, research the technical aspect of material and certify the sustainability of the product on completion.

Jori Papa’s production factory promotes socially responsible behaviour.

We have started with the principles of a diverse company that offers equal
opportunities. We are a small team with a 50:50 female/male representation
from different nationalities. Health and Wellbeing are at the core of the

We partnered with GetGreenSpark, a non-profit organisation that works towards a reforestation project in rural India. For every pair of shoes bought from our website, we plant five trees.

We are running a low stock on our products.

We are looking for ways to reuse, repair, recycle and revaluate solutions and prevent damage to our ecological system.

We are educating our self about sustainability and will continuously share this knowledge with our customers.

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Shoe care:

We always look for ways how to support our customers to enjoy our pieces for as long as possible, repairing them  and extending the product lifecycles  as much as they  can.

Try to clean the shoes whenever possible, it will prevent the formation of stains and the degradation of materials.

Do not put the shoe under the running water with the intention to clean them.  This will damage the outsole which is real leather.  Do not store shoes when they are wet.  They can become mouldy after being stored, and in this way be more likely to develop unpleasant scents.

How to clean them:

  • Brush your the upper  with a soft brush to clean any dust, dirt, and debris.  Use a suede brush for suede upper. 
  • Clean the outsole with a soft brush to remove dust.
  • Use soft cloth to absorb any liquid and let them dry in room temperature. Clean out the insides of your heels with a baby wipe 
  • Let it air dry . 

Footwear must be protected from dust, water and sunlight.  Try not to stack them or throw them in a disordered heap, this can damage them irreversibly ruining their shape. 
Shoes can be repaired. You can whether repair them, or give them to a charity or sell them in a second-hand shop.

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