The designer

With a Mediterranean vibe in her blood, Jori accepts that style plays an important part in her life. She recalls her childhood memories sketching fashion outfits and shoes in secret during the long summer afternoons, while her grandma believed little Jori was having a nap. Growing up and being unconsciously dragged towards the creative process she used to spend hours watching fashion channel and imagining herself being the creator of those catwalks outfits. The designer’s background in architecture has been invaluable in executing her vision and constructing new shapes displaying a perfect balance between proportion, shape, volume and colour. By embodying modern femininity, Jori reflects her distinct personal style on each shoe creation. The major reference point and inspiration derive from the love for art, architecture, nature and feminine personality.

The brand

JORI PAPA is an independent shoe brand based in London. The label wants to be renowned for elegant creative silhouettes in beautiful colour combinations with a modern aesthetic. Designing shoes as a unique piece of art is the heart of JORI PAPA’S brand.   From structured heels to modern shapes, Jori’s designs are for the bold woman who does not recognize herself in classic styles and wants to stand out. Jori’s muse feels fearless in expressing herself through the way she dresses and dares to play with colour and texture. She doesn’t follow rules, but follows her intuition.